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Real time ad'hoc reports

Your pain points:

  • You’ve got different Business Intelligence products: you still cannot generate ad hoc reports easily
  • Not only it is complex or even impossible; but you have to ask Corp IT to do it for you: you are obviously not their top priority, even for next week…
  • You are more and more requested to generate real time reports, cubes, dashboards,…regarding sales performance, stock management, or other financial figures.

Your  day to day issues:

  • Your management asks questions about figures, and you want to be responsive…but you don’t have the right tool
  • You cannot set your own KPIs and associated thresholds, and get alerts: you only want to get the relevant data
  • The data reports you get, generally don’t match what your management is asking for, and you don’t have theability to generate ad hoc queries and reports on demand

How to solve all of them easily:

You need true business intelligence that allows you to access real time data, get relevant data only, understand data & trends, investigate to answer management questions, and immediately customize reports and views that you can send to your exec management.

Click&DECiDE processes data real time, and brings the relevant intelligence to your finger tips; without jeopardizing performance or security.

Get Relevant Data Only

You define your KPIs, you set thresholds and rules that will trigger actions you choose.

 You then get the “4R’s”, key for your responsiveness: the Right person gets the Right data in the Right format at the Right time.You don’t lose time and you get the data that is relevant to you.

Investigate Quickly To Answer Management Questions Very Fast

Go through ad hoc queries and generate ad hoc reports and cubes.

You can do it yourself within the set of corporate rules and your rights, without having to ask Corporate IT.

Get Real Time Reports, Cubes, Dashboards