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Click&DECiDE Business Application Intelligence Editions

Please find below the different versions of Click&DECiDE BAI product line and its licensing models.

Click&DECiDE Business Application Intelligence is the leading edge versatile BI software allowing you to receive the pertinent data from your different type of database, on your PC or on your customized web portal, in real time and all secure. Thanks to a criteria-based alerting system, the right person gets the right data in the right format at the right time.

1. Click&DECiDE BAI Express Edition (free for one user per company), learn more
2. Click&DECiDE BAI Enterprise Edition, learn more

Click&DECiDE BAI Licensing model

  • The new offer is available for the following 2 Editions: Express (free of charge for one user per company) and Enterprise.
  • Two license models: Per number of named users or per number of simultaneous users.