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Business Application Intelligence for SAP

Your Data Source: SAP (SAP BW, BEx, Queries SQ01, BAPI, RFC)

Your pain points:

  • You are a SAP customer and are requested to provide statistic and analytic information on SAP data.
  • Your management wants a solution that provides real time analytics and ad-hoc queries, reports, cubes on your SAP data,… without jeopardizing performance or security.
  • You are obviously looking for a solution to be responsive: but it should be plug & play, intuitive, and performing fast.
  • You are looking for a solution to set up rapidly and to have convincing results in few days.
  • You are looking for a solution which can function on BW, as well as, real time SAP via les Queries SQ01, or the BAPI / RFC.
  • You are looking for a solution capable to mix the data of few sources intra SAP, as the external data for SAP.

Your day to day issues:

  • You cannot provide the statistics and reports in real time to the managing staff.
  • All the demands of the managing staff to modify a cube, a report, or to add some data take too much time.
  • You cannot easily define your indicators (KPIs) and their respective thresholds, in a way that you could receive only the relevant data.
  • You are restrained to work on BW because you cannot fire-filtered real time data transmited by the BAPI or SQ01 Queries .
  • You have written and tested multiple requests "Queries SQ01" and BAPIs / RFCs, and do not obviously want to rewrite and retest them to generate reports.

Your goals: 

  • Efficiency: the Right user gets the Right data in the Right format at the Right time.
  • Simplicity: client-less and intuitive deployment, quick and easy setup, easy of use, parameterize and customize                    
  • Security: automatic integration in your security policy
  • Your environment: your Cubes, Queries BEx, Queries SQ01, and BAI / RFC accessible directly
  • Real Time: access your SAP data in real time.

Simple and efficient decision making with self-service for SAP

Click&DECiDE Business Application Intelligence (BAI) Edition for SAP is built to allow SAP solution users an easy data access to their Business Warehouse (SAP BW), a real time SAP ECC data access (using SAP SQ01 QUERIES & BAPI / RFC), and to consolidate those data, within SAP FI, CO, SD, MM, PP, QM, PM/CS, RH...

Users can create reports, cubes, ad-hoc queries, and make them immediately available through a web portal, to colleagues, partners and customers. The security, performance and privacy rules established by the IT department following SAP recommendations are respected.


Users find their Cubes created in SAP BW, as well as their Queries BEx with the settings, and they can directly create reports, integrate them into Excel, PowerPivot, or use them in a Cube exploited through the web.


Users find their SQ01 Queries with their variants created in SAP, and based on real time data, create reports, integrate them into Excel, PowerPivot, or use them in a Cube exploited through the web.


The advisor can create ABAP modules to provide user-specific information drawn from SAP. Users can, from these real-time data, build reports, integrate them into Excel, PowerPivot, or use them in a Cube exploited through the web.


From the SAP environment, Click&DECiDE Notify can be invoked in ABAP so that it can, among other things, transfer data to another database, generate reports and send them by mail or RSS feed.

SAP Integration

Click&DECiDE guarantees by the usage of ERP Connect (SAP certified product), a seamless integration with SAP!

Valuable advantages of using Click&DECiDE BAI for SAP now:

  • for a first purchase of a BI solution,
  • to complement your existing tools.

Effective date management:

Using dates through Click&DECiDE is a very easy. It is possible by a simple Click&DECiDE integrated formula to translate SAP date format to a Timestamp date and then, manage it through natural language keywords in a query field, such as:

  • yesterday
  • today
  • this week
  • Q3 2011
  • last month
  • ....

The multiplicity of sources:

Click&DECiDE allows, in a single query, to join data from BW, SQ01 Queries, BAPIs and thus to collect information for analysis, access to lists and even very specific information in real-time.

Active Directory Rights Management:

With Click&DECiDE, you do not need to manage user's rights over multiple management tools. The effective centralization of consultation rights in the AD, by groups, allows right management in one place! It significantly saves management cost and increased reliability!

One tool for four services:

  • Reports and Cube Analysis.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Dashboards.
  • ETL.

All available on a web portal!

Excellent compatibility with Excel:

The Compatibility of Click&DECiDE with Excel enables easy information integration in supervision sheets and tables which are directly updated with data from the SAP environment. If needed, they can be linked with other data from different database sources.

In addition, Click&DECiDE allow you to completely enjoy the Microsoft Excel PowerPivot add-on to perform dynamic Dashboards in Excel, while maintaining the security layer of Click&DECiDE in the data access.

Enough to fully satisfy functional branches of the organization such as accounting or management control.

Planning reports:

Click&DECiDE natively supports the scheduling of rolling reports like year to date, indicating in the date fields parameter a relative notion of time as yesterday, last month, last 12 months...

Cascading prompts:

It is easy to make cascading prompts; in fact, the list of a prompt selection may vary according to the parameters already entered on the previous invitations, regardless of the order of entry.

And much more...