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Business Intelligence multidatabase

Create a single query on different sources of data:

Your company has expanded as your architecture? You must adapt and consolidate your information coming from different data sources?


Since our version 16, you can easily create a query linking any type of data.

For example: You can create a query on your Adresses coming from your iSeries, your Sales Details coming from the BAPI of your SAP, and your Budget made in Excel.

How it works: Each result of your queries can be considered as a table. So you can create a final query that can link the information contained in each table of results.

How to make a single query on different sources

All features:

Ad Hoc queries:

We can work on any kind of data, and export in any format such as: Report, Dashboard, PDF, Excel files or real time, Power Pivot, Power BI, Infor Smart Office, QlikView, etc.…

    Agile query:

      It is really easy to make your own query. You don’t even need to use your keyboard or to know the SQL language.


    Simple to complex reports can be created with Builder.

      Dashboard & Pivot:

        Direct on your Web Portal, you can create any kind of interactive Dashboard or dynamic Pivot..


      You can create your own Web Portal skin, and report templates according to your graphic chart.

        Web Portal:

        You can access to all your reports, dashboards, and pivots without installing any clients on your devices (computer, pad, or smart phone). Moreover, for Excel, Power BI, QlikView, etc..., the Web Portal is acting like a data hub, by following protocol such as: Web query, OData feed, REST, XML, RSS feed, and more. Finally, you can use our Web Portal to access to other applications.

          Data consolidation:

          Click&DECiDE allows you to join information of different data sources. For example you can make a single query, joining the production information coming from your iSeries, with your budget in Excel, and the result can be presented in a SQL server table.

            Agile ETL functionality:

            In addition to bufferise the result of your queries, by user or user groups, a query can generate automatically a data transfer from any database to SQL server. Moreover, those queries can be scheduled every night, hour… then the end users will only work on the SQL server. These features will prevent the end user to damage the database and overload the production server.

              Scheduling task & keyword:

                Keywords such as: last month, yesterday, etc. simplify the scheduling of your monthly, daily…reports. And the result can be displayed through a calendar interface.


                Too much information kills the information. To avoid none relevant information, you can create alerts that will generate your reports only if your thresholds are achieves, and send the result by mail, or RSS feed.


                The security, rights and parameters can be managed by user groups, or users, which can come from Active Directory or Click&DECiDE administration manager.

              This video is a quick overlook of Click&DECiDE.