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Click&DECiDE 2015 Enterprise Edition 64-bit

January 2015

New version: Click&DECiDE 2015 Enterprise Edition! (64-bit)

A Fully 64 bits Integrated Business Intelligence Platform for the Enterprise.

What’s New in Click&DECiDE 2015?

New Web Portal: the look and design of the Web Portal have been improved!

  • This is the first version full-64 bit of Click&DECiDE breaking the limit of 3 GB.
  • The Google Charts module has been improved, with new functions and new design.
  • Several new Google Charts are now proposed in this release: Annotation Chart, Calendar Chart, Donut Chart, Histogram Chart, Sankey Chart, Timeline Chart, Dashboard with String Filter, Dashboard with Chart Range Filter, Dashboard with Number Range Filter and Dashboard with Category Filter, making easy and faster the way to create Dashboards. The filters are using the data already in memory instaed of running a separate query, improving the performances.
  • The create command proposes now a new module: Create Pivot Table. Define your own Pivot Table, using Table or Chart presentation, then save the result in any Shared Folder in a Menu, as a MyPivot.xpt file. The end-user will access this Pivot Table using this file. The Pivot Table module allows you to create cubes working under Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox and without the need of the Microsoft Web Component 2003 not supported by Microsoft in 64 bits platforms.
  • A new feature, named "PowerView", available only in Excel 2013 can be used with this version of Click&DECiDE: see in the BAI Demonstration Menu, the "PowerPivot SaaS 2013.xlsx" item located in the Excel Integration\Power Pivot branch.
  • Click&DECiDE Builder allows now to save a project locally (computer) or through the Web Portal, so that the content can be shared with other users. Because of that new feature, the projects are not saved anymore automatically and the "Tools" > "Compact Project" command has been removed, but the project is compacted each time you save it.
  • In Click&DECiDE Administration Manager, the User Group and User level, it is now possible to manage many different rights, such as create a Pivot Table, create a Dashboard, create or delete a folder or User Folder or Group folder, write inside a folder or User Folder or Group folder, Manage Users, Manage Flow, Execute or Manage Scheduled Tasks, Manage Tasks etc.
  • New Cloud DataSources are now available to create queries using the Google BigQuery Database or SQL Server Azure. You also can send data from any database to those databases.

Main enhancement in Click&DECiDE BAI 2015

Many major enhancements and enhancements are available in version 2015.
Please check the release notes here for more information

Click&DECiDE BAI 2015 Evaluation

Please, download Click&DECiDE BAI V2015 here.

Click&DECiDE BAI Maintenance BAI

Any customer may request an upgrade of his current version, please contact your reseller for the conditions.