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Click&DECiDE 2013 Enterprise Edition!

September 2013

New version: Click&DECiDE 2013 Enterprise Edition!

A Fully Integrated Business Intelligence Platform for the Enterprise.

What’s New in Click&DECiDE 2013?

New Web Portal: the look and design of the Web Portal have been completely reworked!

  • The Google Charts module has been improved, with new functions and new design.
  • Several new Google Charts are now proposed in this release: Annotation Chart, Calendar Chart, Donut Chart, Histogram Chart, Sankey Chart, Timeline Chart, Dashboard with String Filter, Dashboard with Chart Range Filter, Dashboard with Number Range Filter and Dashboard with Category Filter, making easy and faster the way to create Dashboards. The filters are using the data already in memory instaed of running a separate query, improving the performances.
  • A new object is now available in the "Other Objects" list: the Pivot object allowing to create cubes working under Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox and without the need of the Microsoft Web Component 2003.
  • The ODBC Excel XLSX Datasource has been improved to be able to modify the Excel.xlsx file and at the same time use it from Builder or the Web Portal without locking this file..
  • New "Excel XLSX Big Data" output format (*.XLSX) providing now a new option "Excel XLSX Big Data (Raw Data Mode)" allowing a fast export for big data volume. This option only accepts ERASESHEET or ERASEFILE write modes and sends data without layout neither format that you can change later under Excel..
  • Improvement of output formats for a Cube. The data of a cube view can now be exported to any output format (Excel, ASCII, etc.) and not only top a file.cub.
  • A new 'Cross-Tables' Tab is now available in Builder to create some Pivots (Cross-table) as it was possible with the product DataSet Vision.
  • A new feature, named "PowerView", available only in Excel 2013 can be used with this version of Click&DECiDE: see in the BAI Demonstration Menu, the "PowerPivot SaaS 2013.xlsx" item located in the Excel Integration\Power Pivot branch.
  • It is now possible to read, through the Web Portal, static reports, queries or cubes exported to HTML in another directory than BAI\Web\Publication. Note that HTML reports and queries are exported to a file with extension .cndr, cubes to a file with extension .cndc and cross-tables to a file with extension .cndp that you can access in a Menu Branch or through a Shared Folder. Menu Builder accepts now another path than BAI\Web\Publication.
  • The HTML Navbar allows now to use some keyboard keys to navigate easily. Left or Up Arrows = Next Page, Right or Down Arrows = Previous Page, Home key = First Page, End Key = Last Page, Page Up and Page Down = Next or Previous block of X pages depending on the total number of pages.
  • The silent installation of Builder must be followed by the execution of the Configuration Wizard. This program can now be run in silent mode and install the Demo database in SQL Server and create the Local SQL Server data source using the command d7vWZConfig.exe /samples.