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Decision makers’ pain points:

Enterprises as well as government organizations have been focused on getting intelligence from their business critical applications so far, and all their associated structured data.

But that information is incomplete: it is structured data only, and they don’t reach it real time. Same such organizations want real time analysis, as well as getting the pertinent intelligence from the non structured data generated by their “IP infrastructure”: IT, security, video, physical access, industrial equipments,…

That information has got some specifics that standard BI software cannot deal with: it is much more sizeable (tens, hundreds of millions of lines/events per day), much more heterogeneous (many different sources), and its format is not standard.

Our vision:

Demand for getting the pertinent intelligence from all that data which today is not reachable will grow dramatically in the coming years. Also correlate it with structured data will become more and more critical in the future for the following reasons:

  • Take factual decisions about enterprise investment and resource allocation: organizations want to know whether capex and opex are rightly expensed. Through user and application activity monitoring, as well as performance management, they want to decide on what they can save or better use.
  • Take decisions to prevent fraud while setting the right security level: organizations want to know what’s going on, and what’s being done from internal or external sources to attack or compromise their infrastructure, resources and data.
  • Help for legal archive and compliance automation (SOX, PCI, etc.): organizations want to track and be in a position to prove who did what, when and how, following the regulation procedures. Internally within the organization, or from the outside.

Company mission and strategy

Our mission:

Provide decision makers with a versatile, intuitive and real time business analytics software for all their data, either generated by their business critical applications or their IP infrastructure: IT, security, telephony, video, physical access, industrial equipments, fleets,…

Our strategy:

Focus on providing the versatile BI software added value to relevant partners and customers, in order to be the “Quadruple Play” leading provider (perpetual license, subscription, MSP, and Saas models).