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SAP access, log and security management

Your pain points:

  • You are an SAP administrator and are requested to provide analytics on SAP access, usage and security activities.
  • You need those information very quickly, and on real time data.
  • Your management want to understand and get reports on the performance of your company SAP implementation.
  • Your management wants a statistic solution that show SAP usage with professionals reporting.

SAP Transaction Audit

Your  day to day issues:

  • You need to investigate on SAP usage of individual employee.
  • You need to respond to users who can't access their screens, their data
  • You need to know what are the access rights assigned to users, or modified by an administrator.
  • The reports generated today does not meet your management demands, and you do not have the tool that allows you to perform ad hoc queries on demand, to change those reports.
  • You want to set up monitoring indicators (KPI) to help you managing your SAP servers

How to solve all of them easily:

You need true business intelligence that allows you to access real time data, get relevant data only, understand data & trends, investigate to answer management questions, and customize reports and views that you can send to your exec management.

SAP RFC Audit DashBoardThrough a specific BAPI developed by Click & DECiDE, Click & DECiDE NSI retrieves SAP audit logs. Click&DECiDE processes data real time, and brings the relevant intelligence to your finger tips; without jeopardizing performance or security.

Get relevant data only

You define your KPIs, you set thresholds and rules that will trigger actions you choose.

 You then get the “4R’s”, key for your responsiveness: the Right person gets the Right data in the Right format at the Right time.You don’t lose time and you get the data that is relevant to you.

SAP Report Audit DashBoard

Investigate to answer management questions

Go through ad hoc queries and generate ad hoc reports and cubes.

You can also drill down through all reports, and get into the level of details you want.

You can do it yourself within the set of corporate rules and your rights, without having to ask Corporate IT.

Send customized professional reports

React quickly to your management questions, and also provide them with professional answers.

Click&DECiDE provides you the tools to customize reports, dashboards and views very intuitively, including all sophisticated rendering options.

SAP Administration DashBoard

Predefine report sample

Administration Reports
•    Audit Parametrization
•    User Administration
•    Profile Administration
•    Password Modification
•    Server Restart
•    File Downloads

User Reports
•    Most active users by RFC, transactions and reports
•    Least active users by RFC transactions and reports
•    Most used RFC, transactions and reports
•    Least used RFC, transactions and reports

SAP Authentication DashBoardAuthentication Reports
•    Connections by day, month
•    Separate users by day, month
•    Most active users
•    Least active users
•    Authentication methods used
•    Authentication failures