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Reduce application downtime and performance slowdown

Your pain points:

  • Hard and soft costs of vulnerable, unstable, unavailable infrastructure can be big
  • Critical business application availability is key: operational incident response plan should prevent and fix problems quickly
  • Despite network supervision tools, so many different security devices across your networks generate downtime or slowdown: you definitely need to fix problems faster

Your day to day issues:

  • several sources, several formats, multiple device interaction that leads to problems
  • tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of logs/events generated per day
  • too much data, too much noise, where is the “high signal” information ?

How to solve them easily?

You need true business intelligence that allows you to prevent, understand and fix issues much faster.

Click&DECiDE, the first vendor of BI for logs, allows you to provide your company and your management with the appropriate answers:


  • Follow and plan the evolution of critical business application usage over months to plan its evolution before it becomes unusable.
  • Automate alerts based on thresholds and rules: you get early enough signals on the right KPIs
  • Create predictive analysis that will detect user or application abnormal behavior and warn administrators before it becomes critical.

Understand quickly

  • Use our Business Intelligence tools like customizable reports or forensic investigation cubes
  • Manipulate data from multiple sources with the ease of use of intuitive drag & drop features
  • You can then identify origins and reasons of problems 100 times quicker than traditional methods.

Resolve immediately

  • With a quicker understanding of problems, solutions can be applied frequently before situation becomes critical, with much lower domino effects.
  • Faster resolution leads to much less critical incidents and much lower financial impact

Business Case: A Benelux Insurance Company

  • Challenges and associated costs?
  • Gains, added value, and ROI?
  • Hard benefits?
  •   Time to pay back? 

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