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Meaningful analysis for recommendations to your management

Your pain points:

  • You are requested to provide professional reports that are system, application and device agnostic; you want to automate the process
  • You have to answer ad hoc management questions:  regarding user activity, application activity, security and fraud levels,...
  • You are obviously requested to be responsive...for yesterday
  • You want to give valid recommendations, based on facts
  • You don’t have resources to help

Your day to day issues:

  • You were bombarded by data, now swamped under reports you don’t have time to read and analyze
  • You’ve got different tools to manage different sources and types of data
  • You have to request your IT Department to modify your reports or dashboards for you: they don’t have resources and you lose responsiveness
  • You need to analyze Network/Application trends over months, and cannot automate it
  • Sometimes, you receive a legal enquiry from HR or your exec management: you are requested to answer immediately
  • You spend hours to do the same queries each time; same with Excel tables and graphs.

How to solve all of them easily:

You need true business intelligence that allows you to automate the process, so that you can get only the relevant data, understand data & trends, investigate to answer management questions, and customize reports and views that you can send to your exec management.

Click&DECiDE processes data real time, and brings the relevant intelligence to your finger tips

All of that being device agnostic, and done by categories: authentication, remote access, proxies, firewalls, IDS, …

Get the relevant data only

You define your KPIs, you set thresholds and rules that will trigger actions you choose.

You then get the “4R’s”, key for your responsiveness: the Right person gets the Right data in the Right format at the Right time. You don’t lose time and you get the data that is relevant to you.

Investigate to answer management questions

Go through ad hoc queries and generate ad hoc reports and cubes.

You can also drill down through all reports, and get into the level of details you want.

You can do it yourself within the set of corporate rules and your rights, without having to ask Corporate IT.

Send customized professional reports

React quickly to your management questions, and also provide them with professional answers.

Click&DECiDE provides you the tools to customize reports, dashboards and views very intuitively, including all sophisticated rendering options.

Business Case: A global, Europe based, oil and gas company

  • Challenges and associated costs?
  • Gains, added value, and ROI ?
  • Time to pay back?

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