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Application and user activity monitoring

Your pain points:

  • Web access filtering is well in place, but user productivity has been falling down
  • Security issues with current security tools and processes in place cost an average of $234.000 (*):
    - 64% of malware infection, 23% of bots / zombies within the organization, 17 % of password sniffing
    - 20% of financial fraud
    - 30% of insider abuse of Internet access or e-mail,15% of unauthorized access or privileged escalation by insider
  • Intensive Internet usage, changes in communication processes, new IP network usages…all that creates uncontrolled effects on critical applications.

Your day to day issues:

  • Critical application response time is not reliable with erratic behavior
  • Data leak of confidential information has been noticed from unknown sources
  • Users use authorized techniques to mask reprehensible actions or to by-pass regulations
  • Unwanted IP traffic is generated from unknown sources and reasons

How to solve them easily ?

You need true business intelligence that allows you to understand data & trends, give recommendations, and answer management questions immediately.

Click&DECiDE, the first vendor of BI software dedicated to your logs, allows you to provide your company and your management with the appropriate answers:

Understand data and trends

  • You get automated pre-defined and customizable reports, that you can send to your management
  • You get trends as well as abnormal behaviors
  • You can define your own KPIs, and automate alerts based on thresholds and rules

Give pertinent recommandations

  • Use our Business Intelligence tools like investigation cubes or drill down within reports to analyze data, and check your assumptions
  • You can then give recommendations to your management with the right data in hand and justify investments
  • You can prove what you declare with factual data

Answer management questions immediatly

  • Management often gets back to you and your team with additional questions
  • You will definitely impress them with very quick answers: simply use ad hoc queries, ad hoc reports, and analysis cubes
  • You can even anticipate and give answers on future questions…

(*) source 2009 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey


Business Case: Press and Marketing company 

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  • Gains, added value, and ROI?
  • Hard benefits?
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