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Supported equipments

Click&DECiDE supports a wide variety of devices, some of which are listed below. The Click&DECiDE Generic Parser enables support for certain devices which are not listed below.


Device Category

ActivIdentity Radius, Authentication
Aladdin eSafe E-mail, Content Filtering
Apache Web Site
ARKOON Network Security Firewall, IPS, Proxy
Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway Proxy, Content Filtering
Check Point Firewalls Firewall
Cisco ASA Series Firewall, Proxy, Content Filtering, Authentication
Cisco Catalyst Firewall
Cisco IronPort-C ESA E-mail, Content Filtering
Cisco IronPort-S WSA Proxy
Cisco PIX Series Firewall, Proxy, Authentication
Cisco Routers Series Router & Switch
Cisco Secure Acs Radius, Authentication
Cisco Security Modules Firewall
Cisco Switch Series Router & Switch
Clavister Security Gateways Firewall, Proxy
Deny All IPS, Web Site
F5 Web Acceleration Web Site
Fortinet Fortigate Firewall, IPS, Proxy, Content Filtering, UTM
IBM ISS Proventia (A-GmM) IPS
IBM Lotus Domino Web Site
Juniper SSL Authentication
Juniper JunOS Firewall
Juniper Networks NetScreen Firewall, IPS
Juniper NSM Firewall, IPS
Juniper VPN SSL Authentication
McAfee IntruShield IPS
McAfee Web Gateway Proxy, Content Filtering
Microsoft Active Directory WMI
Microsoft Exchange E-mail
Microsoft Internet Connection Firewall Firewall
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Web Site
Microsoft ISA Server Firewall, Proxy
Microsoft WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) WMI, Authentication
MimeSweeper for SMTP E-mail, E-mail Content Filtering
Netapp Net Cache Proxy
NETASQ Firewall, Proxy, IPS
Netfilter ipchains Firewall
Netfilter iptables Firewall
Novell Border Manager Proxy
Olfeo Proxy
Postfix E-mail
Radius Radius
Radius Cisco Secure Radius
Radius Telefonica Radius
Radware, Defense Pro IPS
SAP Authentication, Administration
Sendmail E-mail
Snort IPS
SonicWall Firewall, Content Filtering, Proxy
Sourcefire IPS
Squid Proxy Server
Squid Reverse Proxy Web Site
Stonesoft StoneGate Firewall
Symantec Gateway Security Firewall, Proxy
Symantec Raptor Firewall Firewall
Trend Micro IMSS E-mail, E-mail Content Filtering
Trend Micro IWSS Content Filtering, Proxy
WatchGuard Firewall