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Most common questions from our customers: Click&DECiDE is unique in providing the appropriate answers.

Were you bombarded by data, now swamped under reports you don’t have time to read?
In the past, customers were bombarded with security data, now customers are bombarded with reports, the majority of which they don’t read.

Click&DECiDE’s 4 R’s. The Right person gets the Right data in the Right format at the Right time
You only get the reports you requested. Real time data, ad hoc queries and reports, alerts, automatic push, RSS Feed, Web Parts, SharePoint.

Don’t you think SIEM tool’s TCO is too high, and its time to implement too long?
SIEM products may require a lot of PS. Implementation and modification during the solution’s lifecycle is very long and expensive.

Client-less deployment, fast implementation, much lower TCO
Click&DECiDE Network & Security Intelligence (NSI) is easy and intuitive to implement (within hours), use, modify, and customize. It offers very easy and efficient event collection, archival, database management, alert and push workflow along with ad hoc reports (within rules defined by your corporate IT). Click&DECiDE also offers flexible pricing models: Opex vs Capex.

Your operational managers have to require IT department to modify their reports or dashboards?
IT often has to intervene, even for slight modifications: this makes the process too expensive and far too long.

Operational Managers get the information they want intuitively, within rules easily set by IT
Operational Managers: you can get the data you want in the right format, whilst respecting policies set up by IT. Easily create, customize and modify ad hoc reports. Define automatic alerting based on the criteria you set. Get powerful and fast versatile data access
IT people: you can easily set, control and manage the availability, integrity and access rights for cubes, reports and dashboards.

Do you really want numerous tools to manage different sources and types of data?
Having to implement and manage a different reporting tool for each vendor or even equipment category costs our customers a fortune. Customers need pertinent reports from their structured and unstructured data.

You CAN get the same 4 R’s for all your sources and types of data
Click&DECiDENSI manages all semi-structured data generated by your network and security infrastructure: networking devices, firewalls, VPN, proxies, emails, applications, systems,…

Don’t you need to analyze Network/Web trends over 1 – 18 months?
Customers increasingly want to investigate and analyze data over a period from 1 – 24 months.

You CAN definitely analyse trends
Click&DECiDE allows you to search and get access to 1 – 18 months ofkey performance indicators or other data. You can investigate, correlate and analyze data. You can also generate statistics on your key performance indicators over for example 1 – 24 months and analyze trends or anomalies. You can then organize your selected investigations through cubes, graphs, reports…

Don’t you need to be compliant with International Audit and Governance Standards (PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, COBIT,…)?
Customers increasingly need to get compliant with the international laws and frameworks which cover internal IT security controls, such as PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, ISO 27002, COSO and COBIT.

You CAN get compliant
Click&DECiDE helps you get your internal IT security controls compliant with PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, LSF, PCI DSS, ISO 27002, COSO and COBIT. Net Report can archive (up to 8 – 10 years), easily retrieve and send alerts on all critical information such as who accessed, when, to which company resource or external URL…